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Pacific Northwest Vintage 4x4 is an independent publication launched in March 2023 by Joshua Vuong at the behest of Aaron Riddle. If you subscribe today, you'll get full access to our website as well as email newsletters on new content when it's available. Your subscription makes this site possible, and allows Pacific Northwest Vintage 4x4 to continue to exist.

We are here to preserve the legacy of classic 4x4 vehicles by providing high-quality restoration services and customization that bring these iconic vehicles back to their original condition. We believe that vintage 4x4s are not just machines but a piece of history that represents the spirit of adventure, ruggedness, and durability. Here at PNW Vintage 4x4 we are committed to providing personalized attention and exceptional craftsmanship to every restoration project, from sourcing authentic parts to reviving mechanical components and refinishing bodywork. We strive to exceed our clients' expectations by delivering reliable, functional, and timeless 4x4's that can be enjoyed for generations to come. Our goal is to inspire and educate enthusiasts about the unique value of vintage 4x4s and promote their preservation as an essential part of the automotive heritage.

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